We love what we do! We serve couples as nondenominational Ministers that allows us to respect all faiths and beliefs. We will assist in any way we can to make any ceremony special, and reflect your spiritual needs.

It's our pleasure to create a ceremony that best reflects your Relationship, Love, and Beliefs. Even in a crisis situation, We will handle every moment with care and love. Every Treasured Miracle is our Treasured Miracle!!!


Q: Where do I pick up a wedding license?
A: Due do every state has different laws please inquire with us we will provide details to you for your state or city/town you reside in.
You may apply for your license within 30 days prior to your Ceremony. With that in mind you will have time do discuss the destails with us.

Q: What if I received a divorce within 30 days prior to me getting remarried?
A: When you apply for your license you will be asked to provide a copy of your divorce decree. So there are no worries that you have received a divorce within 30 days prior to you getting remarried.

Q: If I pick up a marriage license in one County can I use it anywhere in my State?
A: Yes. A license issued in a County may be used anywhere within the state and will become effective immediately.

Q: Do we have to file our wedding license after the wedding?
A: The easy answer is yes and no the choice is yours, you can file your own license or we will file it for you after your wedding at the County Clerk's office “where applicable“

Q: How much will my wedding cost?
A: There are no two weddings that are the same. Our fees vary according to your needs. We perform any type of ceremony you desire within reason. We provide a no cost no obligation quote to fit your dream wedding ceremony. (Travel fees for some locations may apply please inquire about details with us).

Vow Renewals:

Q: Why have a Vow Renewal?
A: Well there are many reasons couples want to renew their vows
Some couples get married legally but missed out on a full wedding ceremony. Maybe funds were tight at the time, or you just eloped. Now circumstances have changed and you want something formal, or something small with family and friends.
The second biggest reason we see couples had a grand wedding that family put together and now they want to reaffirm their marriage with a private intimate setting.
The third biggest reason we hear is, couples went through a rough spot, and now they want to renew their vows and celebrations are in order. There are many reasons for a couple to renew.

Q: When is a good time?
A: It's up to you. It could be 1 year later, 5 or 10 years. If could be the last of your children moved out. This is your next special day.


Q: What is a handfasting?
A: A handfasting is a component of a wedding ceremony which entails gently wrapping a cord(s) around the bride & groom’s clasped hands & tying a knot, symbolically binding the couple together in their declaration of unity.

Q: Is a handfasting legal?
A: Handfasting ritual can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony. Just like the ring exchange. The couple still must have a marriage license that has been issued by the state/county. Anyone can become handfasted, rest assured it will be recognized by the Gods & Goddesses. But it may not be recognized by the government and that's why you still need a wedding ceremony & marriage license for it to be legal.

Q: Do you have to be Wiccan/Pagan to have a handfasting?
A: No. The term handfasting arose during the early Christian Era. People from all religions can experience this beautiful ritual during their wedding ceremony.

Q: I have heard of the term “year and a day”, what does it mean?
A: The “year and a day” timeline stems from Wiccan Ritual, whereby one cycle of the wheel of the year is completed, i.e. Samhain - pronounced “sow-in”- the Wiccan new year, to the day after Samhain of the next year.

House Blessings:

Q: What is a House Blessing?
A: House Blessing is also referred to as “house healing” or “house cleansing “. This is a ritual performed by a religious leader with intentions of protecting those who live in the house from trouble or hardships. Many religions have a form of House Blessings as part of their practices or traditions.

Q: What is used in a House Blessing?
A: Typically based on religion or beliefs a House Blessing is tailored to you. The main items that are typically used are:

Candle (placed in the center of a table in the main room of the house)

A list of names i.e. People/Pets living in the home, names of People/Pets that visit often and names of People/Pets that have passed and are near to your heart.

Q: Do you always have to use things that burn?
A: No. Places like hospitals, daycares & office spaces can be blessed using other methods. Contact us today for more tailored Blessings options.

Q: What is a Certificate of house Blessing used for?
A: This certificate certifies that a house has been blessed and dedicated as a safe haven and sanctuary for love. The ancient tradition of house blessing invites positive energies into a home, which is simply an extension of the body and spirit. It is palpable, then, that a living space reflects and affects one’s inner life. If a home is properly blessed with love and positive energy, it can become a gracious holder of dreams. During a house blessing, space can be infused with love, health, happiness, prosperity, or any other positive attributes of one’s choosing. This beautiful certificate is perfect for commemorating the blessing of a house or home. 

Naming Ceremony:

Q: What Is the difference between a Baptism & A Naming Ceremony?
A: Baptism/ Christening is a religious ceremony, a Naming Ceremony is a spiritual non-religious ceremony.

Q: What happens during a Naming Ceremony?
A: The child/adult receives an official naming certificate & is promised to be protected and given a safe environment.

Q: Where can I hold a Naming Ceremony?
A: Most Ceremonies are held in homes or hotels or a venue. Some people even hold Ceremonies in a park or other natural settings.

Q: What age is too young or too old to get a Naming done?
A: Any age is acceptable, you can do a Naming when a child is first born, later in days even years there is no minimum or maximum age limit.

Q: How long is a Naming Ceremony?
A: Around 15 - 20 minutes is the average time for the ceremony.

Q: Can other family and friends be involved in the ceremony?
A: Yes. A Ceremony is a great time to declare your promise to your child before family & friends. Also, it's a great time to involve relatives i.e. Grandparents, adult friends, so they can also confirm their special relationship with your child & share their promises at the Ceremony in front of you & your guests.

Q: Can we hold a Naming Ceremony at our Wedding Ceremony?
A: Yes. After your Wedding Ceremony, a Baby/Child Naming can be done.

Q: Do I need a Baby Naming Certificate? 
A: There is no experience comparable to the birth of a child. We offer a beautiful certificate to celebrate the wonderful birth and naming of a child. These certificates are perfectly suited for celebrating the joyous occasion of baby naming ceremonies. Plus, they make a memorable keepsake for the special day when a couple announces their child's name to the world. Each certificate is embossed with a gold seal.


Q: What is a Wiccaning?
A: “Wiccaning” a Ceremony in which a new person- often an infant/child is welcomed into their spiritual community. It's the equivalent of the Baptism that your Christian friends do with their babies. Pagans hold a Blessing Ceremony or a Baby Naming ritual. A Wiccaning is also a way to bless, consecrate, or protect.

Q: I'm a Solitary Wiccan, can I still have a Wiccaning performed for my child?
A: Yes. If your part of a Coven Wiccanings is performed by your Priest & Priestess. Solitary Wiccans can have a Wiccaning done. Rest assured we are a Priest and Priestess and are offering our services.

Q: Is a Wiccaning only performed on infants/children?
A: No. Many people of all ages may request a Wiccaning. Please contact us for details on the perfect Wiccaning for you.

Q: What is a Certificate of Wiccaning for?
A: Use this artfully designed certificate to commemorate your Wiccaning ceremony, in which a person is presented to the Goddess and the God for protection. This certificate is appropriate for Wiccanings of both children and adults. 

Q: What would I use an Honorary Religious Title for?
A: Are you starting a new Coven? Have you recently been dedicated as a Priestess/Priest? With this certificate, you can proudly display for others to see your dedication to your faith.


Q: What is a funeral?
A: A funeral is a gathering of family and friends who come together to honor the memories of a loved one(s) who has died. Funerals provide an important rite of passage. Funerals are an important ritual in our lives. They affirm our basic beliefs about life & death and helps through our loss.

Q: Can we have a less formal service?
A: A service can be anything you like it to be, there is no right or wrong way to have a service done. To have a gathering/service shows respect for the memory of the deceased and also helps all who is present to begin their healing process. A funeral service can be as informal as a family gathering to pay respects.

Q: Can children attend a funeral service?
A: We feel children attending a funeral service may get closer and begin their healing process sooner. Each child does handle loss differently but it's usually easier to start their healing with other loved ones.