Welcome to Shadow’s Curios, where the spirit of Old Magick transcends with magickal handcrafted witch wares, magickal offerings, and so much more. Each formulation, a proprietary blending of ingredients from our own family grimoire. Sacred oils, blessed herbs, natural crystals, resins, and focused intent, bound together with all-natural organic ingredients.

Witches by nature, we love creating. We enjoy experimenting with new mediums and we have strong connections, appreciation, and love of animals, the earth, and Mother Nature. We feel a connection to the moon and fuse oils and herbal blends under the moon at nightfall, by candlelight, where we can peacefully create our magical items to share, drawing strength and creativity from her natural light and divine energy.

You don't have to be a Witch, a Pagan, Wiccan or have a specific belief to enjoy our magickal offerings. Our wares are here for everyone to embrace and harness, and we hope that you will enjoy and appreciate all of the many creations we have to offer and share with you. Being a new family ran business we will be growing and adding more to our page, requests are always welcome just send us a message and we will talk about your needs and desires. Allow us to embrace your vision!

Love & Light
Blessed Be

Shadow, Raven and Family ~Shadow’s Curios